No news yet on contact with me kids. i will be phoning s/s tommorra to see whats going on. in spite of my ‘evil ex’s’ efforts, the judge has said that he see no reason why the children shouldn’t be allowed contact with their father – i.e. me!

on a lighter note- i went shopping to day cos it was JiGGa Day – for those who don’t know that means Giro day! (don’t all boo at once!). i went to aldridge shopping center and sutton coldfield town center. i brought 3 warhammer books for 1:50, some essential tools for warhammer figures for a fiver, fight club dvd for a quid, digital camera for 2 quid and some accryllic paints for 2:50. all from charity shops, but it was all brand new stuff. i also collected pc game that i had reserved earlier in week at the aldridge St. Giles Hospice shop. (dawn of war warhammer 40k pc game). the only downer on the day was that the games workshop was shut, and there ain’t no cd shop in sutton any more. me mom and me decided that we would go home, regroup and hit hmv at the Fort shopping center tommorra. so tonight it looks like i’ll be doing some music research online. i also had to go to the doctors to get my appointment for my detox5 refferral. today used to be the start of my three day using binge. i miss my friends, but not the using…oddly enough. i never thought i’d get this far…but i have!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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