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well i called the s/s. the woman’s name was Shirley Brady. she said that she would call me back at 4pm. but she didn’t. i had to call her back. i did so at 4:30pm. she wasn’t there. i left a message saying that i was requesting all the relavent paperwork from them regarding my children.

i also brought some stuff from games workshop….. some dark angels vets and the dark angels codex. i have to say that since i’ve stopped smoking full time, i’m getting to do all the things i always wanted to do with regard to hobbies. i also brought some transformers dvd’s for my youngest son. next time i’m gonna get my daughter some FiFi and the flowertots dvd’s. to go withthe other stuff i’ve got her. i miss them so much. how can a person be so cruel? don’t “people” think that the kids might be wondering where i am? 😦


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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