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what a day!   jeez!   first off  Livvy ‘horrid’  Hobbs, from Newquay Socialcare (that’s a joke!) , it should be Social ‘dont’ care, called for some unknown reason. at first i obviously thought that is was to arrange me seeing the kids. but no… it was to just mock me and tell me she hadn’t seen any order from the courts and that i wouldn’t be seeing children. when i told her that i would be expecting an apology for her other comments the last time we spoke, she hung up !!!!

then a Tracy Leder called to say that she would look into the order and get back to me. by this time i had lodged an on- line complaint, which i won’t be taking back, like i foolishly did last time. any road, she then called back to say that she had got the order, but that it had only been sent to the office today. i know thats wrong because the woman who’s head of complaints told my dad last friday that she’d seen the order. then she said that they would be opposing the order due to resource’s. i broke down at this point and my mother had to take the rest of the call. they don’t work on weekends. i don’t know what to do now. i just feel emotionally battered. i miss the children so much… but Livvy Hobbs seems to have taken the view that whatever my “wife” tells them is gosbel, and she wants me to just disappear so that the children can forget me. i was the main carer of the children, she was never that bothered. i took them to school everyday, i fed them, got them dressed, took them out to play. i just feel broken.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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