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anotha day is here….i don’t know whether to laff or cry. any road, i think i have been neglecting my web page construction. i started withso much enthusiasm, but that has been drained from me by the ex being arsy about the kids. who gave people the right to be biased and prejudiced? what did i do to strangers? the thought of some of the ars*holes my ex mixes with having contact with children they don’t respect, whilst i sit here posting these blogs, wondering when i might just get the chance to see children i raised and became mother and father to drives me mad with frustration – and by the way don’t think it couldn’t happen to YOU! i believed me ex when she said that “it’ll be ok in a month or 2 – just give me some space ok? i still love you?” in my heart i knew she was lying, but you have to cling to the hope that your “partner” will do the right thing by you. i believed my father when he said ” she can’t throw you out – if she sends these blokes round to throw you out, call the police”, i have had to leave all my possessions behind, and fight tooth and nail to even get somebody to help me to see my own children! random people my ex meets “out and about”, doing whatever it is that she does that i can’t mention here and that forced our break-up, can interact with my children, whilst the children have to think that God knows what has happened to the father that took them to school everyday, fed them everyday, helped them to get washed and dressed everyday and tucked them in bed at night and read them storys.
JESUS help them!!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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