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campic2lots on today. letters to send, figures to paint, photo’s to copy and blogs to update. also it’s N/A night tonight. i have actually looked forward to this meeting all week, and how the weeek has dragged. the strength gained from people being there who are able to say “we know” and “we understand” is MASSIVE! Believe! i know i make light of my addiction sometimes, but that is part of my coping strategy. i think that if you give it too much power, it has too much power. now is my time to deal with this. i have tried to keep myself bussy. i can’t say i haven’t been tempted, coz i have, but there is too much at stake. also my dream of opening an orphanage in the far east would always be out of reach if i didn’t deal with this. any road up, got to get ready for going to the post office. i hope to have more pictures to upload to this blog and my live spaces blog later.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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