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N/A went well last night, but i just couldn’t open my mouth. i wanted to but i’ve been to ‘groups’ at rehab before and done one early. then you feel like you’ve let people into your life without anything good coming from it. at one point the meeting was opened to ‘newcomers’ to ‘share’, the room went silent. i knew that if i opened my mouth the lot would come out and i don’t think they had all night! i have made a challenge to myself to open my trap next time. i feel like i’m taking from the group without giving anyting back. the guy that phoned me the day after last time wasn’t there. i txted him to say that i’d call him today, but so far i ain’t. i will but i ain’t a phone person.

i started adding the lighter colours to my Dark Angel veterans today. having something to do has helped, a lot. i got books to read, figures to paint, blogs to type and of course the case to focus on. i can honestly say that i haven’t found clean time as hard as i thought it would be. going back to my figures, at first i was having second thoughts about choosing the Dark Angels, but i realize that as my collection grows, i’ll need to get an army for them to fight, and you never know i might have the kids to help me by that time. there’s even a good Sisters of Battle army for Amy! i would obviously encourage Amy to paint as much as Samuel. i reakon that this would develope into a ‘family’ hobby. i know that i shouldn’t have brought Veterans to start my army with but i think that your initial choice should be figures that you like the look of first, just to get you started. once you’ve read the book and painted a couple of figures then next time you buy some you can get the obligatory HQ and Troops choice. i already own the 40k rule book, but it’s in Cornwall, with all my other figures. Games Workshop have brought out a new rule book and i might aswell get it.

one of the cd’s i brought yesterday has a fantastic tune on it. all the tunes are good, but this one stands out. tall up, tall up on the westwood compilation. Large tune. Koooooll OOOOOOFF!!!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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