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what a day!! i emailed the people from social (don’t) care about ten times with different things. i even had to send the court order through again! but this time the Judge interviened and told them to “just do it!” with regards to the order. good for him. at least someone is seeing sense! i have also managed to do some more to my Dark Angel space marines. i have added a lighter coat to their robes. they are actually starting to look how they should. i don’t bother buying ready mixed paint and only own the primary colours, but that hasn’t been a hinderance. infact it’s added to the enjoyment. i rekon they’ll be finished in about two days.

Thank God for manga/ anime!! it has really helped me fill the hours when the light isn’t good enough to paint. over the last week i’ve watched wolfs- rain ep.1- 20; robotech ep. 1-5; bleach movie; ghost in the shell; to name a few. tonight i hope to watch appleseed; some more of robotech and princess monoko. so a big shout out to Date’s Anime choice of the Day on  . give that man a medal for services to lonely Anime Fans, Above the Call of Duty!! (thats assuming hes male!!) 





Raggy, if your reading this- i thought you were going to get back to me?


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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