my happy, happy life

tonight i’ve been playing Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. i’m currently on mission 8. i’ve also played a couple of skirmish games, as yet i’m unbeaten!

i’ve als managed to get a couple of hours painting in. i have finished painting the robes on my Dark Angel Veterans and now i’m painting the dark green base coat on their shoulder pads, legs and helmets. the rest of their armour is going ot be black. i’m looking forward to expanding the force from one regiment. i think i’ll add a HQ choice and a Troop choice. i’ll get some normal space marines/ dark angel space marines (whichever they have in stock ) and i’ll get a bog standard company commander. price is an issue, being as i’m seeing my children on the 30th. there is an independent stockist locally, so i’ll shop around. i know they do specific dark angels and even if they’ve only got ‘normal’ space marines, i’ve got loads of D. A. bitz left from my vets that i can add.

 i am thinking of taking a couple of figures to show Sam and Amy. i wonder if Max will be there. i have brought him up since he was 4yrs old ( he’s now fifteen), and he’s always called me daddy. how cruel and selfish some people are, to put their own base lusts before three childrens happy lives. i’ll never forgive nor forget. but i will live my life. i’m not the servant of a person who shrugs responsibility from themselves with no thought of consequences or others anymore.  apart from missing the children, she’s done me a favour really. i was too soft, i became a doormat. of course, she had my habit to use to keep me in line. but now i’m clean/ just on meds. which is good considering. it is only now, when i look back that i realise how much i tried to do for her, and how much control she had over me.

 i am quite optimistic for the future. i used to have a lot of female friends before i got with Skuttzilla. i reckon it won’t be long before i make some new female friends. i’ve been in touch with some of my old friends, but they are all in relationships now (Shorty wanna Ride?)…..yawn. hahahaha. never mind, i’m lucky to have people who want to say “hi” after all this time. my old personality is coming back slowly but surely. at the moment i’m listening to portishead. i am looking forward to ‘detox5’ , believe it or not. from the testimonials i’ve read on the net, after you come home on day 5, you still feel pretty ill for at least a fortnight, but what the hey, i can do this. then it’s either back to my lovely yard, (if the Judge gives it back to me) or finding a new one. for the first time i’ve been able to save some money. i’ve also been in touch with an old male friend who’s clean. i’m hoping to go and stay with him for a night. he says he’s met a nice Polish girl, my first question: has she got any mates? easy now, star!! i’ve got his mobile number, so, Stu, see ya soon, ok. i miss mark so much. i think i’ll try to wrangle a visit to see him as well. i can’t stop smiling. Good night world, and God look after Amy, Samuel and Max, ok?


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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