my life

i got up late tday, 12:30, !!! i helped me mom in the garden, had eggs on toast, had coffee, and done some more painting. i have added the green highlights to the DAngels armour. i also finished painting the plasma pistol and chainsword of one warrior. i have also added some bronze to some of the smaller features.

i havn’t got round to finishing my webcam. i just don’t feel right tday for some reason. i feel light headed. i didn’t take me meths till about 6pm, so that might have something to do with it. even though i ain’t smokin gear, i still ‘rattle’ the same as anybody else.

i must tidy my workstation! it has become the home of empty beer canz, empty bakky pouches and fag ash!!

wednesday i see me kidz!!!!!:) it’s a 600 mile round trip for 2 hrs, but i am happy as a pig in sh*t. i know what the Bitches of Sukdik (me ex!) was hoping, that i’d say it wasn’t enuff and turn it down, but i ain’t the one, ok?- scene? ya get me? they’d love to turn up at court and say “we offerd a visit and he turned it down!” no chance! i luv me kidz and the’re gonna go mad when they see me! i can’t wait! to be honest i still think i’ll wake up and it’s all been a horrid dream, that only in fiction do people behave so shockingly.

i word on check out Date’s Anime Choice of the Day. it’s the best page for Anime on veoh. there must be over a hundred titles, and non of them are false linkz to advertz. “Date” must check each one first. Big Up Date!!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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