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just when you thought it was safe to see the children………newquay social (don’t) care…….at a boating lake near you!!! yep, you guessed it, social (dont) care have given me the thankless task of telling me mom that she can’t spend time with the children tommorra! she cried for over an hour. one step forward, two back. i’m a bit apprehensive about tommorra myself. how will Amy and Sam react?  how will we react when it’s time to go? i am going to tell them that i’ll see them next week, and not to worry, and that they only have one daddy, and it’s ME. soon they’l be living with me anyway, so…… when i was broken the news by my solicitor, she kept saying ” just hang fire till the 9th”, so i will. i have only ever done things by the book. i might have problems, but i’m a what you see is what you get type of guy. i am no good at underhandedness.  the trouble is the more dealings i have with social (dont) care, the more biased and discriminatory the system seems. but mark my anus with a red hot poker – I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!! scene? i mean 600 mile round trip for a 2hr visit – i’ll be there.

tonight was also N/A night. i did what i challenged myself to do – open my mouth. i had a big ‘number’ planned out in my head, but it all fell apart when i opened my mouth. but i spoke. i kept it short but sweet, and i’m glad i did. of course there’s no N/A next week, cos of court on the 9th, (i’m in cornwall) but i shall make sure i get to an internet cafe to do my bloggs and upload photo’s.

i have almost, almost finished my Dark Angel Veterans. only two arms, two shoulder pads and an imperial seal to go. i had to do a little conversion job on my vet captain. i removed part of the back pack due to his shoulder pads being to big, but he still looks great. i find that with minitures, you learn techniques as you go along.

last night i watched a couple of Spawn anime movies on veoh. there are four in all on akaGonzo  ‘s site. i plan to watch the other two tonight in beddy byes. i shan’t be sleeping if last nights toothache is repeated tonight. big up ya bad selves ok.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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