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i had a great time with Amy on wednesday. that little girl deserves a medal, considering a the pressure “the Wicked Liar” and her family had put on her not to come. when she got out of the woman from Social (dont) care’s car, she ran over. “daddy, daddy”. she flung herself into my arms, and held on for dear life. we fed the ducks and had a great time. Amy, i love you!! (of course)

there was a hitch. we are dealing with the most devious of families. “the Wicked Liar” had an “asthema” attack on tuesday morning and was sent to hospital. what a shame! but this meant that “the Wicked Liars” mother, the “Old Brass” had been rushed in to persuade the children not to attend. this is an old tactic of the “Old Brass’s”. its her modus operandia. but i don’t think that its “making the children available” in the eyes of the Law. i don’t think that the Judge will be pleased. but thats upto them. she managed to persuade Sammy not to attend. but lets face it, talking a 6yr old out of going off with a stranger (the woman from Social (dont)care) to feed a few ducks on a cold october afternoon, isn’t going to be hard is it. the Terry family are past masters of cutting children off from there rightful families. take Max Green and his father and family. i was Max’z daddy for 11yrs.  i have seen my solicitor, who said that this type of tactic is employed often by hurtful people, but i don’t think that the Terry’s realised that the Law has changed. that by not making the children available for contact, they will invoke sanction upon themselves, when next in court. he who laffs last, laffs longest.

also it has instilled new vigour in me to go to every agency i must to expose these people for what they are. Evil, santimonious, oddball, secretive, perverted, callous, lying, hurtfull, Wicked Liars, who certainly should not be in charge of a private nursery.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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