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i’ve had a pretty decent couple o dayz!!! i caught up with some old friends, “K” and “D”, on facebook. i have also been doing as much painting as possible. yesterday, saturday, i cut me moms lawn. (who laughed). to be honest, i haven’t felt much like bloggin’, but i’ve started, so i’ll finish. i’ve been watching a great bit of anime, ZegaPain. being a warhammer 40k nerd, the mecha in zegapain appeals to me.

like i said last time, i had a great time with Amy on wednesday. whilst i was in cornwall, i popped to a very cheap art supplies shop i know in newquay. i brought some more metalics, woodstain and some varnish. all are waterbased and cost the paltry sum of 50p (!) each. i also brought a size 0000 brush for $2:50. (unfortunatly my keyboard is american, so there ain’t a pound sign…. *sigh*) my rule of thumb is “you can skimp on everything, even buy second hand figures, but you CAN’T skimp on the brushes”. good brushes are important. the next day, thursday, me mom and me spent a very enjoyable afternoon in Truro. she mouched round the many charity shops and i visited the Games Workshop. i walked in with the intention of spending 12 – 20 quid on figures, and a couple of quid on more metalics/ inkz. i got talking to the guy, who (of course) pointed out the folly of buying the rulebook separate for 35 quid, when the box set contained the rule book, two squads of space marines (20quid), two squads of Ork Boyz (20quid), a dreadnought (20quid), 3 deffkoptas (20quid), an Ork warboss (12 quid), a space marine captain (8 quid) and a set of dice (5quid). all this in the box set is a mere 50 buff. i have seen the box sets before (version3 and version4) and this one time i had the money. i brought it. i was chuffed. until i opened it. warhammer have proper cheated in the book department!!! the 35quid version is a lavish hardback affair with great illustrations. the box set version is a pamphlet sized, paperbacked RIP OFF!! the figures arnt to the usual GW standard either. it does what it says on the tin, but these ain’t heinz, these are own brand, ya get me!!?! i can’t say that i’ll be taking it back, but next time i’ll stick to what i know, not the shop assistant. i mean, there is a dreadnought and 3 deffkoptaz, so i am still smiling. it’s just that in every box set before, the figures have been standard figures, and the rule book has been a standard rulebook. me and my mom then went on to have a mocha and a chat, before setting off back to birmingham.

i have to say that me and me mom are gettin on now like NEVER before. friday i just chilled out, did some prep on the new figures and last minute touches to my Dark Angel veterans. i also fitted in reading time. i am on chapter 7 of the Daemons Curse: a Malus Darkblade novel. man it’s gruesome – believe!! it ain’t no kiddies book. it’s written by Dan Abnett,( yes, that Dan Abnett!) and hes upto his usual standard. heads chopped off right and left. good stuff. i also watched episodes 20 – 24 of Wolfs Rain. i cried at the ‘Old Man’ scene, where Blue comes back and tells him that the Wolves didn’t kill his little girl. he was remembering the good family times he had, many moons ago- i could relate. i thought how brave Amy was and how she would have came home with me without a second thought. at 3pm me and ma mom went to erdington to try to get my photo’s of my time with Amy developed, but would you believe it, the machine at the photo shop was out of order!! we have decided to get them done in Newquay.

tommorrow morning we set off for cornwall again. me, me mom and mick. me dadz joining us on wed. the next court hearing is on the 9th. my next contact with my kids is the 7th. i have thought of a great place to go and my kids have beem there before, and they loved it. of course theres no accounting for “the Wicked Liar”, so we’ll have to wait and see.

i’ll try my best to get to a internet cafe whilst in cornwall, and i’ll update the blogg before and after the 9th october, ok? – scene!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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