i arrived in cornwall at arond 3pm yesterday. i called my solicitor first to make sure that the contact arrangements to see Sam and Amy were ok. she said that she’d called social (dont) care, but they had not got back to her. surprise surprise. at around 7pm we went out for tea at the mermaid pub on porth beach. the villa were playing on the large tv screen. when we left the score was 1-0 to the villa. whilst there i just could not relax. i had this auful feeling that one of “the Wicked Liars” cronies would come in andd try to kick off trouble.  i think that willl be they way of things for ever now. you just can’t put anything past such a millicious personality. i had a steak, me mom had grilled salmon and mick had breaded plaice. we got back to the camp site for about 10pm. i had a fittful night, awaking about three times. the next morning i awoke and started prep work on the figures i had brought with me. after breakfast my mother suggested a trip to Truro. i agrreed. i had to get the photo’s of Amy developed. i did say that i wouldn’t buy any more figures, but of course i changed my mind and brought a chaplain in terminator armour to go with my dark angel terminator squad. i now have three elites, three hq’sand two troop choices. i also brought a back edition white dwarf with a good article on painting marines in it.

i am very excited at the thought of seeing Sam and Amy. i have got to get Sammy a present. i have already got Amy one. i know that the probability of “the Wicked Liar” throwing A TANTRUM to skupper the meeting. spoilt likkle wich giwls are used to gettin their own way. she might even “skweem and skweem and skweem” until she’s sick, like she did last time.

i am writing this in an internet cafe, so i willl have to cut it short now. i have still got to check my facebook, and my emails, so ta ta.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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