my happy life…..”it never happened”

well what a week.. there were up’s and down’s…but i survived and was totally exhonerated, like there was ever any doubt!!

but first, here’s the photo’s of my great time with my daughter Amy, at the boating lake in Newquay:arrivalA









so there you have it …the day that was my First Contact with my daughter for four months….i know, i can’t believe it either.

of course my ex, “the Wicked Liar”, couldn’t resist trying to spoil the day for me. talking Sammy out of coming (social ‘dont’ care made a report and said that for some reason Sam appeared anxious.) and sending spies (luckily social ‘dont’ care entered this into report). but despite her best efforts me and Amy had a wikked time – believe!!

so we all left for cornwall on the 5th, with me dad joining us on the 8th. on the 7th a had another brief 2hr visit from Amy (Sam no show??). i won her a pink ball (the one she specifically asked for!!) from the ‘grabber’ machine – for real – and we played a lot of bowling. she hit the pins without any aid!! she hugged Nanna Linda (me mom) until the lady from social ‘dont’ care objected – i found a way – believe!-and photo’s were taken. this time i had a proper camera, so i have got to use the rest of the film up. we had another fantastic time…

the reason we had travelled to cornwall was for the ‘Finding of Fact’ hearing, at Truro County Court. it was my turn this time.. at the last hearing “the Ugly Sisters” had given their….evidence, and, of course, made a RIGHT SHOW OF THEMSELVES. so this time it was my turn.

if i said that i wasn’t nervous, i’d be a liar. but it had to be done. you can’t go through life with something like this hanging over you. i never called any witnesses, and took te stand myself. because the hearing was about the injunction “the Wicked Liar” had asked for, there was only the judge and the clerk of the court present. no jury. of cousrse myself and “the Wicked Liar” were present, with our respective legal teams. leading upto the day the one bit of advice i got the most was to watch my temper. i ain’t twenty anymore!! i knew her brief would try to rile and rattle me, but it never worked and i answered the questions as best i could. i must admit that i shook the whole time. i only noticed because when i picked up a glass of water to take a sip, my hand was shaking that badly i nearly dropped it. needless to say “the Wicked Liar” cried for effect throughout. after i had given my evidence to the court, it broke for a short recess. the judge said that he didn’t need much time to make his decision!! i think “the Wicked Liar” thought that she had it in the bag. thank god the Judge had a brain, and wasn’t took in by ‘drama’ !!

after 15 minutes, we were called back in, and the judge listed the pro’s and con’s for granting the injunction, remember this was a civil court and he only had to have a probable doubt to grant the injunction. due to legal jargon, i must say that at first i thought that the case had gone against me. but then i heard it, “it never happened”!! i turned to my solicitor and said “what did he say?”… i was told to SSSHH! it took my brief to say it in plain english, “these allegations have been proved false!”…..GET IN!!!!

i cried……”the Wicked Liar” stomped out!!!!! the judge said to me “Mr. Ashford, the injunction has been dissolved”. i replied “thank you”. he did order that i sign an undertaking not to return to my home until the residency order, which i did. as the Judge said it would be disasterous for more allegations to arise from my going home. me and my family jubilantly left the court to go for a celebratory lunch.

one note: “the Wicked Liars” mom was there. when we all left the court, “the Wicked Liar” was in bits, so i’ve been told. rather than comfort her daughter, she stuck her tongue out at us…..infantile!!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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