to my children……

kids, i hope you read this. i love you all. i haven’t done anything wrong and i can prove it. just ask me. i have always told you the truth, “warts and all”, you know yourselves by now, (yes MAX, i’m talking to you!), that CERTAIN people are terrible LIARS, but you can’t choose your family, and thats not your fault. if people want to slag me off, ask yourself – why? – and beware, if they can do it to me, they WILL do it to you. i may not have had much money, but you never went without, and i was always ready to support and help you. in your hearts you know the truth, so act accordingly, all i ask is that you TELL THE TRUTH, not what you’ve been TOLD TO SAY. i have spoken to people locally, and nobody really believed what was said about me, and they were not surprised when the JUDGE couldn’t even find 1% of probability that it might have happened like your “mutha” claims. thats to say, out of 100 – there wasn’t even one chance that it might have happened, and thats all he had to think to rule against me. i was never charged by the police, i was bailed to an address out of devon and cornwall TO STOP FUTHER DANGEROUS ALLEGATIONS. the Crown Prosecution Service believes that the allegation made by your MOM was a LIE. she said those horrid things because i had said that i wouldn’t leave my children, and she and your Grandad wanted me out the house. Grandad and Slyvie Terry have met your mom’s boyfriend behind my back, i will never forgive them for that – BELIEVE!. Ellie and Louise NEED STUFF from your mom, plus she pays them, but you already know this. ask yourself – what has ever been said about dad that isn’t true, by mom, to her parents?.

max, i gave you all the love and fathers understanding i could, and that, in my opinion, is more than most fathers. just to let you know, i forgive you. i understand. i know the pressure. my mom and dad are divorced. i tried my best to sheild you from this heartbreak, but your mom wanted a single life, or a life with someone else. remember – who went out and only spent 2 hours with Sammy on his birthday? i ain’t really interested in her private life, AS LONG AS YOU KIDS ARE SAFE. watch after your little sister and little brother, NEVER LEAVE AMY OR YOUR LITTLE BROTHER ALONE WITH ANY BODY.  i worry so much abouy you guy’s. i will be back within the month. NEVER LEAVE YOUR LITTLE BRO AND SIS ALONE WITH ANYBODY. if you never see me again, do this for me, ok!

Samuel, i love you……i thought you knew that??

Amy, i love you…….and thankx for seeing me…. you are very brave!!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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