my life – shopping!!

today it was Jigga Day!! me and me mom went to Aldridge to cash said Jigga. then we went to the Fort Shopping Centre. i went to W.H.Smiths and brought a new set of Logitek speakers for 20 quid – Bargain! i also brought two magazines – Wolverine and Deadpool; and Wargames Illustrated. these came to a combined price of 6 quid. then i went HMV and after much thought i decided on Capleton’s GOLD cd and Methodman and Redman’s Blackout. these came to a tenner – yes 10 squid for both!! another bargain. i had forgotten how good Capleton’s Gold album was – it stush!! the speakerz are great as well.


as we returned home, i recieved a phone call from Rosie at Nalders Solicitors. she asked if i had recieved her email requesting the “landlords” name and address for Ralph and co, who are “the Wicked Liars” solicitors. i felt like saying ” his name is Dupechek Muddupski, last seen in the Dominican Republic!” – but i never.  i pointed out that being as “the Wicked Liar” claims housing benefit, she must already have the “landlords” name and address. i mean, get real – i am going to help the enemy? not!

Big Lee has asked e if i want to go to the pictures on sunday. i said yes, if we can get 2 galz to come also. i have also been in touch with another old friend – Nicky (Licky inde Lofty). i have contacted her throught facebook, so you never know.

when i collected me Jigga, there was also a letter from my solicitor saying that they have been in touch with a child pyscologist, who will be more hands on with my contact with the children – Thank God!! “the Wicked Liar” has tried all she can to poison my children against me, and my solicitor has acknowledged this. the court has order that this guy make a report, due to the damage me children will have suffered at the hands of “the Wicked Liar” and her twisted family. just cause they own a private school they think that they are infallable. i have got news for them. if only people knew what they were like, NOBODY would send their children to the Shrubbery School. i mean think about it – their OWN grandchildren have suffered pyschological damage because of the actions of “the Wicked Liar” and her mom – “the Old Brass”, and her dad – “Pervy Paul”, who own the school. are these proper people to have access to so many young, impressionable minds? just look at the recent publicity regarding nursery workers. “the Old Brass” works at the nursery attached to the school.

tomorra i travel back to cornwall for the court on Friday and me appointment with…….too much info!!!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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