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well, i’ve just got back from Newquay. it was actually quite successful. i went for a meeting with the head teacher at little Sammy’s school. i would tell you what she said….but you never know who’s watchin, and i don’t help the enemy. it’d be enough to say that “the Wicked Liar” is being her usual lazy arsed self. me mate Baz, who lives up the road from where me house is, said that “the Wicked Liar” copped a chest infection from smoking too much crack last week. i hope it was painful. my poor kids. i have also found out that one of the people she originally got to conspire against me has TURNED. what a surprise. i reckon that now the judge has made a ruling, more of her so- called friends will turn against her when they find out that you can go to prison for perverting the course of justice. i must get in touch with this person and see if she’ll go to the police and admit the reason for “the Wicked Liar” making the false allegations in the first place. that would definatly secure a conviction, i think. i have learned quite a lot in two days. now i will put what i know into effect. the next step then will be to move back to Newquay full-time. at first i was quite apprehensive about returning, but EVERYBODY i have spoken to has told me how happy they are to see me, and how NO BODY believed her lies. i even got a few hugs!! thanx “W” and “J”!! “J” – ya lookin good!!

as far as returning to Newquay goes, it’s already in the pipeline. i think that it’s best as regards contact with the little ones. Baz said that every time he tried to mention me to little Sam, “the Wicked Liar”, and her mom “the Old Brass”, would be ‘pecking’ at him. well all i can say is – this is just the beginning. nobody trusts a liar, and once you cross that line, people don’t forget. i digress. i have been to the estate agents, looking for a short term lease, just until i can get a full on long term home. i would live in a caravan if i had the choice. not much house work, small financial outlay, good for the children. but anything will do for now. i have found out that its a cheap to rent a 3 bedroom house as it is to rent a 2 bedroom flat! A friend said that if they can find somewhere suitable, they’d   buy a shop with living quarters above and let me be the landlord. good eh?.

the aim is for me to be back in Newquay in a matter of weeks. i have to mail off all my rental applications. but a friend of the family has also said that she would put me up, if need be. i have lived with her before, years ago, and we got on great, considering. she has got a spare room, so why not. at the moment i’m staying at my mom’s, but all this lot with the divorce and the kids is a lot of heartache for her, plus she has got a chap, and all the effort she’s putting into my case is affecting their lives too much. he works and every time we have to travel to Cornwall, it’s costing me mom. i have offered her money, but she just won’t take it. she is really angry at the way “the Wicked Liars” family has treated me. i havent really adjusted well to living back at home. i feel trapped. it’s hard to say how you feel without sounding ungrateful. luckily me moving back to Newquay is a natural progression, so people’s feelings won’t be hurt by the move.

 one thing i have found out: i have been homeless before, many times. as you get older, it looks colder out there, plus you realise that friendship “aint all that”. so in situations where in the past you’d have said “sod this, i’m off. i can fend for myself!” the prospect seems more daunting, BUT ….. all the heartache, disappointment and frustration i’ve encountered so for with regard to contact with the children, i now understand how people end up on the streets, just to be forgotten. like a ghost, drifting along in a sort of half existence, where you never forget, but you realise that to try and get what is your right as a father, is just as likely to kill you, as not. the act of being forgotten, takes away the pain of you yourself trying to forget. if that makes sense. in fact i think being forgotten is the most painful thing of all. but it happens. even now at 36yrs old, i realise how naive i’ve been, to think that the state would step up and make sure my kids get to see their father. it’s disgraceful really.

anyway, onto the list of things i bought today. on the way back from Newquay, we stopped off at Wadebridge. i have been there lots of times, and it’s always nice to go there. firstly mom and i went to Toymaster. i brought some basing flock for me figures and a metallic acrylic paint – “tin bitz”. these came to a fiver. then we went to a lovely little cafe. i had eggs on toast (me favorite!) and me mom had a Cornish cream tea. then we went to another craft shop, where i brought a 00000 size brush (i kid you not!) for 2:50 GBP.( like i’ve said before, i’ve got an american keyboard and it ain’t got the pound symbol) we then headed back to the car. at first we were a bit worried because we had heard on the radio that the M% was blocked both ways from J12. a vehical had gone into an electricity pylon, and the motorway was likely to be shut all day. there were already 25mile tailbacks. we decided to risk it. by the time we had finished in Wadebridge and got on the A30, leading to the M5, they had actually cleared the motorway ahead of schedule, and it was now reopened. never the less, there was still three, yes three, more accidents that day on the road. at one point a large military plane can very VERY close to the ground. i  mean scarily close. cars on the motorway slowed right down, as if they were all looking for the same thing i was – the plane to crash in the field opposite. but as we watched, it rose dramatically into the air. me mom asked whether it was friday the 13th!!

also, i have found ANOTHER great anime site – Anime Shippuuden– it has a MASSIVE library, which you can view for free! check it out.

i am waiting for the child psycologist to get in touch regarding contact with me kids, but never the less, i will still be phoning somebody everyday, trying to get justice and compensation for what has happened to me and my children and family. MP’s, police, whoever it takes, for as long as it takes. i feel as though being totally cleared hasn’t actually achieved much. i had a feeling that things would come to a halt, and i was right. nobody really took any notice of the courts order last time. now i’m waiting again, and it isn’t right.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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