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today i updated my Windows Live blog, which i’ve been neglecting of late. i made up for it though. i also updated Myspace, which i also haven’t been checking. i also had a look at the forgeworld’s website, and it’s great! they’ve got some great warhammer 40k figures which are not available at the Games Workshop. i managed to do a bit of painting today, which i enjoy more each time  me mom decided that we should go out for lunch, so me, mom and mick went in her car to the Tobi Inn carvery, in Sutton Park. went we arrived at the park, it was unusually busy. it happened to be the Sutton Fun Run (we think!). th resteraunt was very busy also, wuth a 45 minute wait for a table. but we decided to stay anyway. we had a drink while we waited. i had a rum and coke (this has became my usual!), mick had a lager and mom had a lemonade. after about 25 minutes our table was available. the waiter led us to the table and we went then straight away to get our meal. we decided on just having a main course. i had a small pork and vegatables, with gravy; mom had beef and gammon with vegetables; mick had beef and pork with vegetables, gravy and scratchings. we all had a yorkshire pudding with our meals. the meal was nice.  my only critism is one of personal preference. it was full of “keeping up with the Jones’s” type snobby Sutton-how great am i- types, whichof course i detest. the majority of the women in there were the ‘look down ya nose’ (but they ain’t all that), mercenary type’s, occompanied by their oh so clean and ‘respectable’ menfriends. maybe a spoilt sutton child or two. i can just imagine “the Wicked Liar”, “pervert- mathew no mate’s- momma’s boy” (her brother), the “Old Brass” and “pervy” Paul Terry sitting down to a meal, discussing pervert- mathew no mates-momma’s boys latest imaginary girlfriend. when ever i had the misfortune of his company, his favorite thing to do in public was to fart as loud as he could. he thought that was the biggest joke ever. it might be funny from a 5 year old, but coming from a “man” in his 30’s, it gets real old, real fast.

when we returned from Sutton Park i carried on with my figures. during the day i have sent a txt message and a requested email attachment to my friend, but he ain’t replied, which is odd. i hope he’s ok.

whilst trawling the internet earlier, i found a fantastic site for 40k figures and accessories, all at a fraction of the cost. i have emailed the site to find out if it’s up to date. if it is, then NUGAMES is definatly worth checking out. i have also downloaded some more of the Necromunda freebies from the Games Workshop site. i am really looking forward to playing a few games of necro, and all the other things that come with it (choosing a gang, painting the figures, designing a sernario, etc.). i particullary like the idea of using the same gang over a number of games and the development of the gang as a result. when you play 40k, your army has the same stats each time you play, but in necromunda, each time a gang member makes it through to the next game, you add on experiance, attributes etc. that it has gained. so the gang gets stronger and better equiped each time you play. i can’t wait to go to the GW to see what gangs there are in the catalogues!

a police helicopter has just flown over the park opposite and used it’s loud speaker to address somebody on the ground. it’s 2:30am.

Necromunda Redemptionist Gang

these are the Redemptionist Gang. on the GW site they had published pic’s of this years Golden Demon UK winners. Here is a few i downloaded:

40K Single Miniature - Bronze winner


this is the bronze winner. below is silver:



and last, but in no way least, the Gold winning entry:


Dark Angels Rule!!!! (or is it one of the cursed Fallen?)


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