my life…..Happy Birthday Max.

today i started again. what does that mean? well it means that i have started emailing everybody i can think of in relation to contact with the children.  i sent about 5 emails in all, and have had one reply so far. i am waiting for Dr. Smith to contact me. this is the man that the court has asked to help me and sammy. he is in particular a child psycologist. the court felt that sammy must have suffered some sort of psycological damage because of his “mothers” actions, having me removed from the house, without me being able to say goodbye to the children being the main one.

at around 3pm today i recieved a odd telephone call via the landline. the caller never spoke, but i could hear a tanoy in the background (the type you hear at, say, a train station). after my initial “hello”, when i got no reply, i hung up. but the caller did not, therefore everytime i lifted the reciever, they were still listening (?). i then called me dad on my mobile and asked him to call the landline, and if engaged, to notify BT. this he did. i was especially worried that i would miss a very important call that i was waiting for. me dad said that his missus, Jean, had also recieved such a call this morning. coincidence?

i have spent the rest of the day painting. i have found that the more painting you do, the easier you find it. i like the whole process of painting the minitures. at the moment i am adding the finishing touches to my Dark Angel Deathwing Squad. doing the metalics, purity seals, etc. i always leave constuction till last.

i hope max gets his birthday card in time. i’ve posted it, so…. i think it’s disgusting that his “mother” has done what she’s done to our family, so near to Max’s landmark 16th birthday. i have been his daddy for 12 years of those 16, and now i will have not been present at two of my childrens birthdays. i hope she rots in hell. all i can do is up the pressure on any and all government bodies that deal with contact with children.

happy birthday max….i love you, it’s not my fault i can’t be there. have a great day.

it’s also N/A day tomorrow. i havent been for 2 weeks, so i am determined to  go tommorrow. i am finding it hard to sleep again. i had been getting some sleep, in the run up to the hearing on the 9th October. but now, as the hopelessness of my situation sinks in, i am having the nightmares again. i get maybe 2-3hrs a sleep a night. at least theres plenty of manga that i can watch.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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