MY LIFE….N/A blues and other moans

 yesterday i received the call i was waiting for. Dr Smith confirmed who i was, what i wanted and reassured me that he was on the case. this is what i have been waiting for. even though i won the case (so far), “the Wicked Liar” has been left in the driving seat as far as the kids are concerned, because of the way she orchestrated the injustice committed against me by way of her false allegations. BEWARE : on the say so of this evil, deluded individual, i was removed from my home in the middle of the night, banned from returning even though i was never charged with ANY offence, which meant leaving my children and belongings behind. this could happen to anybody that gives their partner 1% of trust. Her actions towards me only leave me to assume that she was trying to get me to commit suicide, and although the police saw through her ruse,and to save me from further false allegations, they had no choice but to make sure that i left the family home behind. since the day of my arrest i have only seen 1 of my children for a poultry 4hrs, and even this was split into 2 sessions. the problem was that i could not and would not let myself be anywhere near “the Wicked Liar” and there just isn’t anybody to facilitate contact with my children. to further add to my worries, the care of the younger children has been left to “the Wicked Liars” arsehole mates and my eldest son. the situation has also meant that i have had to miss my daughters 3rd and my eldest sons 16th birthdays. it’s a lot of punishment for someone who has done nothing wrong. oh… and don’t even bother trying to contact Social (don’t) care, if you find yourself in my shoes. i called them everyday for 3 weeks, only to be told that there was no-one to take my call, and somebody would get back to me. they only did once, with regards to my kids, the other times they got in touch was to say that they acknowledged my complaint and that now i could only get in touch with them through “legal reps”! i did get i telephone call once, from a Lizzy Hobbs, who told me that “just because (i) had not been charged, didn’t mean (i) didn’t do it”!! i asked her if she would be apologising to me if i won the finding of fact hearing at court, Ms. Hobbs then hung up.

at one point the Judge ordered two meaningful visits with my children, 10am till 5pm, to take place one a fortnight, before the 9th October, to be supervised by the Social Care team. the third week rolled by and i hadn’t heard a thing. then when my father pointed out about “contempt of court”, they blamed resources and said they could manage 2hrs at a time, twice. my wife’s mother then decided to go and stay at my home with my wife, and managed to talk my little boy out of coming to see me. luckily, my daughter was too young to understand what was going on, and she came to see me. only the chance that this Dr. Smith will get some results has stopped me taking the law into my own hands.

desperate times call for desperate measures.

tonight was N/A night, and i had told myself to talk, but when the moment came, some body said something that i found patronising, at which point my bottle left me. i just dont think that i’m fitting in.

also, you know that feeling when you take an instant, instinctive dislike to someone, well……….i did decide not to drop out yet. i have let people affect my treatment before, and i won’t let it happen again. as long as i keep going, then one day, i will fit in. i am a bit disappointed with one guy who was there the first time i went. he gave me his phone number, and said that i could call him if i felt the need, and vice a verse a. unfortunately, anybody who knows me knows that i aint really a phone person, and even answering a phone call i find a bit of a trial. but i was grateful that he had bothered to speak to me. the following week, the guy wasn’t at the meeting, so i txted him. the same happened the next week. then the week after that his phone was switched off. he hasn’t been at a meeting since.

i love my WordPress blog!!! i can write my autobiography as it happens, and the posts are always there for me to peruse at  my leisure.

i have been able to do a lot of painting over the last few days, due to me waiting for Dr Smith to call about contact with my kids. so far i have finished 5 Dark Angel Veterans, 3 Deathwing Terminators and a dreadnought. i haven’t added weathering or battle damage to the dreadnought as he aint been in any battles yet, but when he has, i will!

i have managed to get my webcam working, A BIT!! now it won’t let me access the still photo’s that i take. when will the f-in thing work properly?

anyway, time to go………before i do – Dear God, Please will you help Dr. Smith arrange some contact for me with my children. Help Sammy to have the courage to come to see me, and try to stop “people” pressurizing him for their own selfish whims. Also help Max to see what’s really going on and help him to realise that i have been the best father i could have been to him. Amen.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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