my life……”as if!”

well, today was one of “those days”. first off, i got a call from Dr Smith. he told me he’s having trouble getting in touch with “the Wicked Liar” as regards contact with me children. no surprises there then.

then i got a call from me dad saying that a letter from my solicitor had arrived at his house. he started to raed it down the phone to me. the jist of it was that “the Wicked Liars” confidant, “the Ugly Sister”, had said that me and me mom had gone to her home inquiring about me kids last week. yeh, right. i would go there for any other reason than to…….well i’ll let you guess. but to go there seeking advice- AS IF!  i emailed my solicitor straight away, and pointed out that, apart from the fact that i was 300 miles away on the day “the Ugly Sister” alleges that i was in Cornwall, when i was in Cornwall the day after, it was for an appointment with sammy’s Head Teacher. i have also asked if there is anyway that we can get Ms. Hoye to stop making way out accusations. we’ll see and i’ll keep y’all posted.

but me mom is angry to say the least. the gloves are coming off now – so watch this space!!

thankz to “Big L” for helpin me stay sane!!

Amy, Sam and Max – i love you guy’s and i’ll see you as soon as i can – if one road leads nowhere, take another.

dear God, please help Amy, Sam and Max to be couragous, and to tell the truth. keep them safe and help them to know that i love them very much. help them to understand that i’ll ALWAYS be here for them – just call and i’ll come running. Amen


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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