my life

tonight i had an AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH moment when my beta player died on me. all those manga vids that i had downloaded lost into the ether. but i pulled it all back from the brink. the other day i had thought to myself ‘how complicated is this real player. i’ll delete it and stick to my ms media player.’ luckily i had not got round to deleting the real player, and tonight it got a full-on pardon. it turns out that the ‘media search’ option means that i can watch all my veoh downloads on my real player…..phew.

i had another upsetting phone call from Lizzy hobs at social (dont) care, when she admitted to paperwork existing that i had requested, but refused  to give it to me. she also made it clear that (at the moment) she had no intention of apologising to me for her unprofessional and provocative remarks to me the first time we talked. i did have some good news, but i cant talk about it here, (at the moment). but suffice it to say that :

  1. i still have good friends in Newquay; and
  2. my mom and dad have done me proud, yet again.

i continue to be astonished at the blatent unprofessionalism of certain people in certain careers. you expect people to behave with a certain level of human compassion, but now i realise that this is naive. people are selfish and petty.

not much else to say at the mo, apart from to report that i have applied the first base coat to the rest of my space marines and a few orcs.

also, still waiting for news from dr smith regarding contact with my children.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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One Response to my life

  1. maplesyrup21 says:

    lol.. wow.. that’s sad you lost all those videos

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