my life….webcam nightmare!!

as i was waiting to hear off Dr.Smith (i shall be more ellaberate about this subject later!), i managed to do some painting, and when i took a break, i decided to try and sort out me webcam nightmare once and for all. it all started when i first brought a webcam for this machine, just after i was allowed to come to me mothers home, after the police dropped all of  “the Wicked Liars” false allegations about me. i was originally bailed to me dads address, and just in case, i had to stay there (it aint worth gettin locked up just because you want access to a computer- believe!). anyroad, i had decided to get a webcam because of all the obvious advantages. i have windows vista (let me finish- stop booing at the back!). i went to Maplins and brought a reasonably priced webcam, that was vista compatible. it didn’t work. i thought it was the webcam so i took it back. i swapped it for a slightly more expensive one. that didn’t work. after many times uninstalling and reinstalling, from disk and web, i thought, there must be something i’m doing wrong. i put it to one side (rather than stamp on it!).

so today, i thought “it’s now or never”, and tried to install it again. this time i plugged the camera in first, and let the computer find it, etc. it worked! or so i thought. i spent the next few hours setting up ellaborate photo’s of my Dark Angel figures, that I had painted. i was really pleased wid meself. i thought that i’d check out the pics. could i veiw them? NO – they were showing up in the webcam app, but it wouldn’t let me veiw them, and when i searched for them, the search said that they just wern’t there. i had been using the mouse activated snap shot taker in the webcam app. then i noticed a tiny, an i mean TINY button on the top of the web cam. i pushed it. this time the pic popped up in a veiwer automatically!! i set up another few shots, not as elaborate as the first few, and here they are:

figs3 yeah thats me!


broGunz i know their a bit grainy!

dredSide the dreadnought,

fig3Gun i think i’ll just get a digital camera!

figGun1      figGun2 not as grainy, but smaller.

figs4 another webcam nightmare in background! figs6 i think that this shotz ok?

figsAll Dark Angels group shot! easy whos this old geeza? oh, its me….

sargSide big gun bad boy!!

shold1fig me Veteran sergent. side veiw of Power fist.

shold2 chain sword n shoulda pad veiw.

well thats all the photos i took so far of me figures. i know it’s took me a while to finish just these few, but hey, if your gonna do something, you might aswell do your best. i got loads of pics to upload, and i think i’ll do them in a page of their own, so watch this blog. thanks to “21” for the comments, i never lost the manga, i managed to save it all.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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