my life….

i went OUT today, and thanks “L” for a great day watchin star wars with a can an a ciggy.

for once i didn’t manage to paint any figures! i feel like painting  now, but i know that i’m too tired. tomorra is ‘doin the driveway’ day, if the weather is ok. (i’m a poet and i know it!) still no news about seeing me kids. i was going to make a pictures page, but i’ll do it tomorra, cos i’m too unhappy and tired.

oh, i found oout what the problem is with me veoh player, VISTA has replecated the player thrice, yep thrice, on my comp. veoh support suggest removing the new one and that should force the web player to goto me original veoh library, etc. the trouble is that because it has been redone thrice, i dont know which is the old one (dates all the same in properties!)

whisky an coke, ciggy, manga, bed. in that order.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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