my life…..driveway day!


we turned the clocks back here in England last night, so when it was 2am, we turned the clocks back to 1am. British daylight saving time. we get an extra hour in bed.

i woke up at around 9am, had my breakfast, and got ready to go over to me dads to help him with the driveway. it’s become a bit of a custom. today was different though. today he asked me to go out with him to meet one of his friends. to be honest, i was a bit taken aback. he NEVER takes me to meet his friends as a rule. i didn’t bother to try to analise his reasons, and just accepted the offer and looked forward to the afternoon out. he asked me mom to ask me to look up his friends address on the net, which i did. i was quite impressed. i thought “i know, i’ll take a camera and when i get the pics developed i can put them in my wordpress blog”. i have come to really enjoy keepimg this record of my life. i have tried to keep diaries in the past, but my lifestyle never lent itself to keeping a diary upto date. i moved around alot, and you can’t keep something like a diary safe.

so i got ready and me mom kindly drove me over to me dads. we swept all the leaves up, and afterwards we had dinner together. my dad got changed and we left in the car for Milton Keynes. my dad spent about 20mins trying to get his satnav workin, but gave up when i told him that i had taken the liberty of making a google map/ directions. it takes around an hour and half to get from birmingham to milton keynes. i had never been to Milton Keynes before, but in the late 80’s early 90’s there was a lot of raves held there. my friends and i had always said that this and that rave in Milton Keynes looked good and always agreed to go, but never did. one day, when i get them back (they’re with the rest of my possessions at my old address), i’ll make a wordpress page with all the flyers i kept from “back in the day”.

 his friends house is quite large, and initially i had intended to ask Mr “B” if it would be ok to take a few pictures of the inside of the house. when we arrived i took a couple of pictures of the outside of the house, but once inside, it became obvious that the visit was buisness, not pleasure. i thought it inappropriate to ask about taking photo’s at this time. whilst they chatted, Mr. B opened a bottle of cabernat sevignon, which we shared. although it wasnt the evening i had expected, i still enjoyed it. we set off for the return journey at around 8pm. me dad dropped me back at me moms at around 9:30pm.

i told me mom about the evening, and decided to do a little painting before going to bed. i started to paint, but found myself getting upset, and tears don’t help when it comes to painting military minitures. so i put my brush down and decided to watch ZEGAPAIN instead.

 ZEGAPAIN is my favorite anime at the moment. i love the way the main character thinks deeply about the situation that they’re in, and the way the relationships between the male and female characters are developed. i think that Chris and Arc are my favorite characters.

as for the camera i took with me this evening,what i’ll do instead is use up the rest of the film taking pictures of my visit to the photo developers. i could take photo’s of the journey there and back, and of the area i grew up in, for me to blog about tomorra. i need to use up the film because i have pics of my last 2hrs contact with my daughter. there is one snag, i am waiting for Mr/Dr Smith to call about any progress regarding getting “the Wicked Liar” to let the children spend time with me. the court made an order for Mr Smith to get involved as he’s rated the best child psycologist in the cornwall area, with a robust approch. the Judge, at the hearing i won on the 9th October, said that the children had obviously suffered emotional damage as a result of my “wifes” actions. unfortunatly she engineered everything so that she would be the one left in the house, and it isnt fair to drag my young children away from a good school and their friends. so i just have to put up with the situation as it is at the moment. the plan is that Mr Smith will initiate contact with “the Wicked Liar” and get a date thats convenient for my children and i to spend some quality time together, and build from there. unfortunatly, the order was made on the 9th October and so far all the news i’ve had is that Mr. Smith cant get in touch with my ex. it’s VERY important that i dont miss his call. ideally he’ll call tomorra morning and say “i have a date sorted.”  then i can go stShe’s so petty, spoilt and spiteful. people keep saying how i’ve got the patience of Job, but just because i’m big doesn’t mean that i’m violent. i wouldn’t do anything to skupper my chances of contact with my kids, no matter how much i cry or how unfair it all is. i have still managed to do things that are constructive with my life, like going to N/A, or keeping this weblog.

i have had a bit of good news. the open university has sent the forms for the two courses that i’m reserved on. i have wanted to do a course at the open uni for years, but never got round to it. now all i have to do is fill in these forms and viola – two course towards my cegree in History. you see i have no qualifications at all, and i’m 36 years old and not getting any younger. it all helps me create a new life for myself. i always encouraged my kids in their schooling. i want to PROVE i’m the person i claim to be, not the person i’m MADE OUT to be by others, to my kids.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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    • daddyfumanchu says:

      thanks- i gotta admit to neglecting me blog for for a loooooong while, but i am going to get it back upto date. i got more pics etc. again thanks for your comment- i don’t get many. i also have a YouTube channel you might wanna look at- daddy fu manchu’s family sound- enjoy!

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