my life….back from the brink!

robert smith called, robert smith called…..i have been waiting for this guy to phone me since the 9th october! this call  important to me, so i didn’t leave the house if i could help it from the10th october to today. if i did go out, i made sure it was after office hours. if you think thats a bit extreme, well it aint. this guy is the Court appointed child psycologist, who was made responsable for making sure that me ex, “the Wicked Liar”,  let me have contact with my children, and also to evaluate the psycological harm done to my two youngest children as a result of  my ex’s actions. it’s a long story, but if your interested, the whole thing is explained from my point of view in this blog site.

today didn’t start as good as it finished though. the mail this morning contained a letter from my solicitors firm, saying that the Decree Nisi hearing was fixed for the 10th November. ok. then it said that the Judge felt that he didn’t need to use the power of the court to make any order regarding the children, due to my wife and i coming to an agreement about my children. i felt like sticking my head in a noose when i read this. i thought “after all this upset and heartache caused by that bitch, not seeing my three kids since 12th June 2009 because “the Wicked Liar” told lies about me and now the court thinks that we’ve made an agreement, whats the point of all this?” i telephoned my solicitor straight away. she wasnt back from her annual leave, but she will be tommorra. i called the court. the clerk said that she will make a note of my comments for the Judge. “the Wicked Liar” and me will NEVER be in agreement over the children. she uses the children as a weopon.

 i won the last hearing, which i thought was very important, as it dealt with the false allegations made, out of spite, by my wife. the Judge only had to find a REASONABLE DOUBT in his mind to rule against me, and he couldn’t. he ruled that she is a lier.

 nothing has changed though. i didnt get justice. i didn’t get my children, home or possesions back. i didn’t get an appology. my life has been destroyed by lies and i have to just accept it? i have been told that if i was in prison i would have seen my children more.

so….after all this time and worry, Dr Smith has phoned and said that he’s made arrangments with “the Wicked Liar” for me to spend sometime with my children. i cried as he told me.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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