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the day had arrived. 31st October 2009.  the day i had waited for since 12th June 2009. the day i finally got to see my three children again. details of why i havent seen my children since the 12th June 2009 can be found in my earlier posts.

i awoke, well i hadn’t slept really, at 3:30am. me mom had decided to travel down “on the day”, so an early start was essential. it’s a 600 mile round trip. 4- 5hrs each way in the car. i dont drive, so me mom and her partner Mick had offered to take me down. we all got ready and were in the car for 4:30. i was excited, but i didn’t want to jinx the day, so i tried to remain subdued. actually i slept for most of the journey, which was thankfully uneventful.

we arrived in Newquay, Cornwall at 9:30 and headed straight for the zoo. that was the arranged meeting point. Dr. Bob, as he asked me to call him, had said in previous telephone conversations that we would meet first and my step-son Max would bring Sam and Amy to the zoo, arriving there for around 10am. i had told him then that it wasn’t “a given” that they’d turn up, as “the Wicked Liar” would be doing her utmost to try and talk, persuade and cajole my children from coming. Dr. Bob reassured me that he would do his utmost best to facilitate contact for my children and me. and he did.

i had never met Dr. Bob before and was happily surprised when a casually dressed man approached me. i say happily surprised because he had tattoos on his hands and was not wearing a suit. to me these are the badges of an unbiased mind. he introduced himself and we shook hands. he said “well i know you predicted it, i have just called Sarah and she said that Sammy doesn’t want to come. but dont worry, i’ve told her that she ‘s the parent, and to get them ready and bring them to me in the car.” i nearly fainted. i said “oh thank you!” he acknowledged that when he and Sammy had talked, Sammy had said that he wanted to see me.

“the Wicked Liars” car arrived about 30 paces away from me. i told Dr. Bob to “make a note of her approaching so close to me”, as the court had said that i needed to be carefull as not to put myself in a position where she could make further false allegations against me. he said that he would. this was an issue, as she had told Dr. Bob that she wouldn’t be bringing my children to the zoo because “she didnt want to see me”. i felt i had to point out that apart from her personal wishes, the court had told me to keep away from her to, as i said before, “stop further allegations”. the court felt that “it would be disastrous, was (i) to find (myself) alone with, or anywhere near (“the Wicked Liar”) or (her accomplice)”.

anyway, to my absolute joy, Dr. Bob went straight over to the car, got Amy out, and went round to Sam. he open the door and before you could say “jack”, hed whipped Sammy out of his seat and into my waiting arms. Sammy was hysterical- for about 30 seconds. what had that little boy been told to upset him so much? as soon as she drove off, he calmed down and smiled at me. Amy, Sam and myself hugged and went into the zoo.

i gave them the bags that i had brought them on my recent trip to Birmingham city center. i was a little shocked to say the least when Sammy said “dont worry daddy, i wont tell mommy you brought these for us!” i know what i could have said, but i just smiled and said ok. we all had a great day at the zoo. i brought a throw away camera and we all took pictures. i had want to post the pictures here, but i also want to post about the day asap. Dr. Bob only approached us twice, but i know he had probably been watching us a few times. my legal team had asked for his participation. i pride myself on being a natural father, and needless to say, Sam, Amy and i had a great time arranging further visits and i told them that i was getting my own place near to them very soon, and that they will be able to stay over and we looked forward to the new future available to us.

at 2pm the time was up and i made the hand back as unemotional as possible. i just wanted Amy and Sam to remember the smiles. i will get the photos developed tomorrow and post them for people to look at. i get to see them again on Sunday and my legal team advised me to find a place asap, to facilitate stop overs. that day at the zoo ahs given me a better feeling inside, like there is light at the end of the tunnel and an end to the nightmare. i still have trouble sleeping and i still have nightmares if i do sleep, but now at times i smile. i hadn’t done that for a while.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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