my life…..N/A night and Ebay blues!

i took the photo’s to be developed and i am picking them up tommorrow at around midday. i can’t wait to post them up here! watch this space!

tonight i have learned an important Ebay lesson –  the hard way. DON”T bid unless you have the money! it’s my first time using ebay and so far i have brought 10 Warhammer 40k EPIC scale space marines for a quid, and a Imperial Guard Sentinel for 3 quid. Bargains both. i have also bid 20quid for a large EPIC elder warhost plus various vehicals and 22quid for a EPIC space marine force. at these prices these are also bargains. i thought “i’ll place the bids and if i win on one, i’ll cancel the other.” i am now praying that one of my bids is beaten as a cant afford both and you cant CANCEL your bid! hoo hum.

it was me N/A meeting tonight and i spoke!! yep, i bucked up the courage to open my mouth. anybody that knows me will be surprised that i find this a problem, but in that room, what you say seems to have more meaning, so casual, off the cuff remarks are a no-no, in my opinion. i had missed last weeks meeting, due to the journey to cornwall, so i really wanted to input this time. i have managed to lose me mobile phone, but it could be in me dads car, so i’ll wait and see.


example of sentinel


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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