my life…..zoo pics!

i went and got the photos of the visit to the zoo with me kids. out of 24 pictures 6 were undeveloped. i also posted the payments for my ebay purchases. i finished painting another two terminators aswell today. i am actually in the final stages of painting all the spade marines, so when finished i’ll take pics and post them here. i found me mobile phone…it was in me dads car. i spent some time chatting to “K” on Facebook’s chat feature the other night. it’s odd talking to someone you haven’t spoken to for over 10 years. so much to say, so much to ask. i’m just grateful for the chance to say “Hi”.

so, here they are,

Photo’s from Newquay Zoo visit with My Children:













well thats all of the ones with me kids, the rest are all animals, but due to the background, they don’t really stand out. there was one more- it’s a picture of yours truly:


so there you have it. next contact arranged for Sunday. my solicitor has said that i need to find a place to live nearer me kids asap, so tomorrow i am going to trawl the internet for places to rent. wish me luck!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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