my life…..movin’ on!

lots to say…….

yesterday i went out for a meal with me dad and an old work college (Paul) of ours and his family. i say a work college of ours cos he used to work for me dad settling the bets. i used to take the bets and Paul would ‘settle’ them. for those unfamiliar with betting – settling means working out the winners from the losers and then working out how much each bet has won. Paul was a proper ‘old hand’. he could work out 20 x 3p doubles at any odds you like in his head. we had a great time. it was also GuyFaulkes night here in England, when we celebrate the failed bombing of the houses of parliament by Guy Faulkes. it’s a night where we have bonfires and fireworks. this was the first time i can remember ever not celebrating this day at a bonfire. i still got to see plenty of fireworks though.

i also got the news that i have got some properties to view. i was advised to get a rental property asap by me solicitor, so i can start having my kids over to stay with me. to say that other news she gave me took my breath is an understatement. i can’t go into details, but suffice it to say that it’s the best news i could’ve hoped for. i can still hardly believe it. at them time i thought i was going to faint, and i got upset more than once. my family and i have decided that it’s for the best that i move back to Cornwall, as close to me youngest sons school as possible. we have rented a caravan for a week, and i have got two properties to view already. i have found that the internet has the most lettings, but the local newspaper has the lettings that want people to move in straight away. one of the properties has a sea view! 3 bedrooms (1 for me and one each for me kids) and all the usual. it’s at the ‘top end’ of town (geographically!). 2 minutes walk from Fistral Beach. of course finding a place is just the start. then theres furniture and other essentials, like pots and pans, etc. also i wont have a computer! but there are plenty of internet cafes so i can update me WordPress blog as often as i like. i think i will definitely invest in a proper digital camera. it also means that i’ve had to pack all of my new stuff. i left my home with just the clothes i had on (literally), so i have had to start from scratch. if you want to know the full story just check out my other blog posts. tonight i will back up as many of my personal file to windows live, so i can retrieve them when i eventually do get a pc. my open university course has a scheme for people who arent ‘flush’ to get funding for a pc. see thats something else i have just thought of – the kids will want either a WII or XboX360! more money!

i have already packed my clothes and books, dvd’s and cd’s. i have packed my paints and modelling supplies. now all thats left is for me to CAREFULLY wrap my figures in tissue and place them in a box.  the snugger the better, as rolling around leads to scratches and i aint spent all that time and effort painting the figures for them to get ruined due to poor packing. i have finished all my space marines apart from three. i’ve already started painting the orks. i foresee me and me kids having great times playing warhammer 40k on those rainy days. i’ll also have to think about what to do about my Ebay purchases. i am waiting on 4 deliveries. i’ll sort something.

this afternoon i went out for a few hours with a friend of mine. he’s had some good news also and due to me moving tomorrow, i thought it best that we link up today. i told him that if ever he wants a cheap holiday to look me up. i’ll text him my new address as soon as i have one! i’ll also have to tell “dutch”, “K”, “L” and “M”. “K” has been really supportive these last few days. “K” has 2 children and cheap holiday’s by the sea would be appreciated, i reckon.

so we leave early tomorrow morning. watch this space……


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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