my life…..back, but only for 30 minutes!

i have had to put the blog on hold due to financial constraints! however, i  found out that the library offers 30mins internet access for free every day, so here i am. i moved back to newquay. i am seeing the kids every weekend, but of course thats not enough, as far as i’m concerned. we have visited Father Christmas twice in two weeks. my ex, ‘the Wicked Liar’, continues to neglect the children.

also, surprise surprise, ‘the Wicked Liar’ has sent a five, yes five, page text message to my dad saying (in a nutshell) that she wants us to “pick up where we left off”??!!

does she mean when i was sitting in a police cell wondering how long i would be doing in jail, or does she mean when i was butlering after her and doing all the chores and caring for the children while she was out cheating on me and telling lies about me? somebody tell me please cause i dont understand.

any road, i still got to email me solicitor about my son being sent to school on friday, by ‘the Wicked liar’, without any underwear on!

watch this space…..


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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