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today my mother went back to birmingham after spending the weekend visiting me and my children. Amy and Sam both stay with me at the weekend now, but it has been a proper tooth and nail struggle. in my opinion a lot of people would have given up, due to the stress and disappointment. in the family court, it seems to me that common sense does not prevail. it seems i have no recourse against the lies said about me. the upset caused to my young children will hopefully be took into account by the judge, but there is no garentee. my ex, “the Wicked Liar” wants everything to be forgotten and for us to be friends. i think it must in some way aid her case, if she can achieve this. after everything that she said about me, i find it an absolute affront to intellegence that she could even consider such a thing. i just hope that the judge remembers all the heartache and worry i and my family have been through because of what she said.

i do not bear grudges, but when yousit alone in a police cell thinking about whether you will serve 20 years or get a life sentance for a crime you didn’t commit, it changes your whole outlook on life and people in general.

time up ……. back tommorrow!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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