my life…….jigga nightmare, or is it?

i have been waiting for my paycheck since Wednesday, as of this morning it still hadn’t arrived. i have my children for the weekend, so having no money would have been a nightmare. despondent, i thought that i would visit the library to check email, do WordPress, etc. just as i sat down to start my blog, i get a txt message on my phone from my landlord, saying “u have post!”

i dont know that its my payment, but i can hope!

i hadn’t had access to my email since i moved back to Newquay till i joined the library last this week. i now have 300 odd emails to sort out, delete, etc. i try to do about 50- 100 a day so it wont take me long to get it sorted.

i went to see my 6yr old sons nativity play yesterday. he was a shepard, and his class sung a lovely song, with percussion. he was great. i had asked the school to make sure that myself and “the Wicked Liar” attended different performances, so i wouldn’t be at risk of further false allegations, which they did. unfortunately, at the wend of the performance, i was looking forward to seeing Samuel and taking photos of him in his costume, but as i got up out of my seat, who should walk straight in front of me, yes you guessed it, his mother (“the Wicked Liar”). i left straight away, and as i left i pointed her attendance out to the secretary and told her of my disappointment. as i was walking home, the school called me to say that his mother was booked in for the performance the day before, but hadn’t attended, and attended Wednesday, “due to confusion” on her part! i thanked them for the apology, but said that it wasn’t the schools fault that “the Wicked Liar” can’t stick to agreements. they said that they would be happy to let me attend the evening performance to see Sammy after the show, “but we both know that she is very unlikely to make sure he is there!” i agreed.

i will be bringing my kids to the library tomorrow, so till then…….keep smiling!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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