my life…….set up!

yes, i was stiched up like a kipper last weekend, and all fingers point to “the Wicked Liar”, who is swiftly becoming the moriarty to my sherlock!

an aquaintance of both myself and my ex wife (“the Wicked Liar”), befriended me on the basis of my knowledge aquired during this never ending nightmare called divorce. he told me that his son had been living with his ex in Dubia and he hadn’t had any contact with the little boy for 18 months. i felt very sorry for him and offered to put him in touch with a support group called families need fathers. we walked to my new flat together. he waited outside whilst i got the information  that he needed. that was wednesday, last week. then on the following saturday, whilst my two children where visiting, there was a knock at the door. it was the aquaintance. i invited him in, making it clear that he could only stay for a matter of minutes due to my children. the short conversation was quite odd, and he seemed to be stalling. i told him the time had come for him to leave. then he said that he’d visited my ex wifes home the previous thursday. i told him that i wasn’t interested. he then left. the time was 4:15 pm. at 9pm that night i got a call from my landlord saying that a man claiming to be waiting for me was found hiding in the office at the back of the block of flats. this is important as all mail for residents is sent via the office. i told the landlord that if he felt that anything untoward had happened, then call the police. i assured the landlord that he wasn’t waiting for me. as i opened me front door to see who the offender was, it was the aquaintance. i asked him “what the f*** he was playing at?”. he left without answering.

the next day the landlord said that some mail had gone missing. i appologised and was quite embarresed, but told the landlord that i did not understand his motive. when i had first moved into the flat, i made a point of visiting the local police, to notify them of my return to the area, and give them my new address just in case of any action real or otherwise, coming from my ex wife and/ or her accumplices. the police took down my details.

low and behold a letter arrived at my fathers address on the tuesday following the incident from my ex wifes solicitor. it turns out that my ex wife has developed the god like ability of clairvoyance and other powers of deduction. she knew who had visited the flat with me the previous wednesday, she knew of all the events that happened on the saturday both at 4pm and 9pm. oddly, she never mentioned the missing mail? my chidren were asleep at the time of the 9pm incident. i had told the police when i first moved into the flat that i was worried about my ex sending people to cause trouble at the flat and using it as an excuse to say that the flat was secure for my children.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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