my life…..stressed out before Krimbo :(

this week i had four days with my children. it was great, although i know that Amy thinks that her mommy is going to come over to visit/ stay. “the Wicked Liar” has suggested visiting my flat on numerous occasions to various people via text message, but it is totally out of the question. the first chance she got to be alone with me, after she would go straight  to the police and say that i had attacked her and i would be back at square one again, fighting to clear my name and get access  to my kids. she was quoted to me as saying that she would like to pick up where we left off- but i just can’t fathom what that even means- does she mean cheating on me with my so- called mates, or maybe she means when she was telling people that i was attacking her?

i feel absolutly frustrated with the legal system. this person has got our home, our children and the finantial help that goes with that, i have to try to prove myself all the time, fight tooth and nail every step- all because she went and made a false allegation about me. it was so easy for her to do this to me, but i have tried to get some sort of action from the legal system to punish her for her disgraceful plan and i need more proof! it is a shame that she didn’t “need more proof” in the begining, maybe me and my kids might not have had to suffer the fate that we have. my whol;e case is a testiment to justice gone wrong, lives washed down the toilet on the whim of a liar. when do i get justice for me and my kids that were told by their “mother” that i had left because i didn’t want to live with them anymore- them meaning my children. what kind of a person says that to a 6year old and a 3 year old? i am at a complete loss. she treats the court orders with total disregard. what is the point of a court order if no one will enforce it and people treat them with no respect what so ever?

the thing that grinds me the most is the way she has done this vicious thing to us and yet she is the one left in the position of guardian of my kids and living in our house. how much is a man supposed to take  before you  think ‘sod this, i am being laughed at for being tortured’ and you act accordingly?


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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