my life……Krimbo at me moms

me dad arrived in newquay on tuesday and visited my flat before we both left for him to book into the Great Western Hotel. his room was ok, with a great view. we went out to eat at La Luna. the food was great. i had the bolognase and he had the carbanara. we both struggled to finish. i had a desert of the home made bread and butter pudding, which was great. he dropped me back at the flat for around 9:30pm. we arranged to link up the next day at aboput 9am. he had drove all the way from birmingham to newquay to bring me back to birmingham to spend Krimbo with my family. i am staying with me mom. i am getting my kids from the ex- in- laws on krimbo day at 2pm. me and me mom are so chuffed. me mom has pulled out all the stops and her house is a bit like santa’s grotto. me kids will love it. i can’t believe that i have them staying with me at Krimbo! my ex, “the Wicked Liar”, had always been in charge of the plans when visiting our relatives in birmingham, which always led to me kids spending virtually all their time with her and her family. i always stayed at me moms, and she at hers. we were married for 11 years. her mom and dad live together. now we are almost totally divorced, the court has made a ruling about the time me kids spend with each parent over Krimbo. i dropped them at the matromonial home (where “the Wicked Liar” lives) on monday afternoon at 2pm after their stay with me. when i dropped them off “the Wicked Liar” was smiling at me from the front door and, to me, that usually means that she is upto no good. i just hope that she has stuck to our agreement! i dont know what to do if she hasn’t? her car isn’t outside the matromonial home, but me mom says she drove past the ex- in- laws at about 1pm today and her car wasn’t there either. she may have been out shopping.

being as our split came more or less out of the blue to me, you would think that all the stress and worry i’ve been put through would have spoilt holidays like Krimbo for me, but i can safely say that it is better than i could have imagined being able to plan things without having to fit them in around her or her family. having me kids with me for these few days at krimbo is the best! definatly worth all the hassle!

i have got all me kids presents, and i have been out for a drink with a old pal of mine who is leaving after krimbo to work on a cruise ship. we had a good time.

the journey to birmingham from newquay was a bit of a nightmare. usually the trip should take around 4 hours, but due to the weather conditions it took about 6- 7 hours. i can’t really grumble- at least i am here.

me mom has agreat PC, which is in my old room. this means i get to use it all night if i want to. i quite miss having it around at my flat. tonight i will be mostly watching Mars Daybreak. i also get to update my blog when i like. when i was living here after the split from me ex, i was doing all sorts of projects on the PC that i never thought i would be able to. i was even half way through designing meself a web page. i did loads with my windows live spaces aswell. i have always wanted to keep some sort of journal and started one many times, but never kept them up. spaces and this blog means that i can keep the journal upto date where ever i am. to be honest i hadn’t put an entry in my live spaces since november, but i did get round to it the other day. if i was trying to keep a paper journal, i think that leaving a gap of a month would have been “a bridge too far”.  

till next time………make mine marvel!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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