my life…… Krimbo day ever!

i got up late, at around 11am. it was all systems go, getting ready for collecting Samuel and Amy. how i have waited for this day to come. not just because it’s krimbo, but also collecting them from “the Wicked Liars” mothers and fathers home. the day they hatched their plot to destroy me, i bet they thought i would just lay down and die. i certainly think that they never thought that i would be picking my beloved children up from that house, ever. so to do it on krimbo day really gave me a warm glow inside. thank you God.

my mom took me down in the car to fetch Sammy and Amy. we arrived promptly at 2pm. my kids came out of the house and to my moms car, then we all left together. the drive back to me moms house takes about 5 minutes. i had set up Samuel’s skalectrix and me moms chap had assembled Amy’s new pink three-wheeled bike. my kids where in a bit of a daze as they opened their presents. i think it was getting gifts that they had pointed out to me, but never thought that they would get them. i don’t mean that i could afford to get them a sack full of presents, but what i could afford i know they really wanted. Samuel, who is 6years old, is well aware of my less than great financial situation. funnily enough, i actually enjoy living on a tight budget. i get a kick out of scrapping by. i like the feeling of not owing anybody and not asking for anything. when i was married, my wife would be constantly asking for and getting money from her father. no request was too ridiculous. this used to really grate me. on more than one occasion i threw her bank cards down the drain and then said that i must have lost them. these weren’t cards to our money. her father gave her cards to his own bank account. she’s 30 odd years old ffs. she would always ask me why i didn’t spend more time at her parents home. i always told her that i felt embarrassed that her father gave her so much money. but she just didn’t understand. i get great pride in telling my son that no one buys nothing for me- “i am a real person, living a real life.”

so me and Sammy built Lego, and me and Amy  dressed her babies (dollies). we ate, drank and was merry. we watched Zegapain and Bakugan together, which has been an ambition of mine for some time.

 we had the best Krimbo day ever!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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