new year- 2010…it can’t get any worse!

i stayed in the flat for new years eve, for the first time ever, i was alone on new years eve. ho hum. but i was ok. i picked my kids up on 1st jan 2010 and we had a great couple of days together. then it happened. the day arrived that i have been dreading for a long time. on 3rd jan i was walking my children back to my former home to hand them over to their ‘mother’, “the Wicked liar”.

just as i reached the end of the road, my mobile phone rang. i answered. i nearly fainted when i heard the voice at the other end. there was no mistaking that gloating tone, it was “the Wicked Liar” herself. she has no shame. she had called me because she didn’t know what time we had arranged for me  to drop my kids with her, and she wanted to go out! i only stammered a “how did you get my number?” thereply was a lie “Dr. Smith gave it me”- Dr. Smith is the court appointed child psycologist. i said that my solicitor would be informed! continued tommorrow!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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