my life….and other good news (for once!)

court again tommorrow. not having a computer of my own has seriously effected my blog posts. the free hour i get at the library helps, but it is only when you are under such time constraints that you realise how long it takes to type a post.

i have just recieved a text message from my solicitor and attached to it was a copy of the court appointed child psycologists report. it said that he is advising the court that the children reside with me monday thru friday, weekend with “the wicked liar”, then a whole 7 days with me!!!!!!

i can hardly believe it. actually i will ask the solicitor if there has been any typing errors. i know its not a judges decision yet, but my god!

thank you god! hope for fathers everywhere!

anybody who has read my blog in the past will know what a struggle to even get the weekends i get so far has been. i now understand why a lot of people, especially men, give up with trying to get contact via the courts in england. i don’t think that i would have got this far without state help with the solicitors fees. i still pay £100 a fortnight towards the fees. i just pray that all goes well tomorrow.

wish me luck!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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