my life……no change yet!

i went to court fealing very nervous. i shouldn’t have been. the judge never changed any of the childrens arrangements. i think that if i was female i would have the children by now. i get disheartened when i think of how unhappy my two children are with the current situation and how any Tom, Dick or Harry can have more time with my kids. if i had dtreated my kids the way she, “the wicked Liar”, has, i wouldn’t even have contact with them. it’s like : “what level of neglect have they got to suffer before the judge lets them live with me?”

“the wicked liar” has even asked that i LOSE one of my weekends with them!! she is such a b*tch. last week after all the false allegations and everything else, she sent me a number of text messages marked with KISSES. i don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

another thing that “the wicked liar” has started doing is making slanderous accusations about anybody she sees me talking to in the street. it would be an issue, but she makes these false allegations about people to her solicitor, who then puts them before the court. i let it go the first time, but now she has done it again with two people and i feel that i should do something about it. the individuals concerned are very angry to say the least.

well my next court date is on the 10th feb 2010 and is for two days. wish me luck……..


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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