my life…..futher allegations, awaiting febuary 9th

“the Wicked Liar” just can’t seem to help herself. last friday she denied me access to my daughter. she caused quite an embarressing scene at my 6yr old sons school, shouting “no, no, no my solicitor said your not to take her!” her behaviour caused my little 3yr old daughter upset, not to mention the confusion her behaviour will cause my children. they must be thinking “am i doing something wrong going with daddy?”

then to top it all, on monday came another false allegation. she sent me a text saying that the school had found a burn on my sons back, and he had said that he did it at my flat. i called the school who said that she had said he had a burn, but when the nurse investigated there was no such thing! roll on 9th feb!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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