my life……custody hearing soon, but not soon enough!

i have had to prioritize my internet time now that I am limited to the free hour I get at the library. I check me emails first then I do any replys, then if there’s any time left I try to fit in a WordPress blog. I feel that it is important to keep up my posts as they are a record of my life, as I go through the changes brought about by my divorce.

today I had to visit Truro to see my solicitor. the bus ride was a nightmare. I havent suffered from travel sickness since I was a child, but I had an attack of it today. after my appointment I walked arround Truro, going to various banks with a view to opening a simple, no- frills account. I found that if you don’t have a driving license or passport, and you havent lived at your current address for at least 3yrs, then you’ve got very little chance of opening even the most basic of accounts. I have so far tried three different banks with no success.

my solicitor has asked me to do a list of all my property that is left at the matrimonial home. she said that it might be better to get my property back now, as the legal aid wouldn’t cover a court case over property. the logic behind leaving my property at the matrimonial home, was that the judge might order a change in residence. but if he doesn’t, then “the wicked liar” is likely to become very, very difficult if she loses custody of my kids.

as the court date nears , it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with certain issues surrounding me kids. in particular, they are constantly asking why they can’t stay with me for longer. my son always asks when am I going to start taking him to school again. my little 3yr old daughter tells me that she hates a male friend of “the wicked liars”, and that he scares her, and that he and my 16yr old step son are always fighting. should a 3yr old girl have such concerns to worry about at such a young age?  at the moment “the wicked liars” mother, “the old brass”, is staying at the matrimonial home, trying to do all “the wicked liars” household chores and get the children to school and nursery on time. I have pointed out to my solicitor that this is not a permanent fix, and shows that “the wicked liar” can not cope. the way I remember it, this has been the story of her life. mummy and daddy trying to cover over all her mistakes and idleness. I pray that the judge can see things the way they really are.

currently she’s got herself, her 16yr old son, her male ‘friend’, and her mother all living in the house, as well as me two young children. from what they told me at the weekend, they now share a bed. they used to have a bedroom each. I wonder how many are actually living there? I shall approach the council about it. I didn’t really mind, but me kids shouldn’t have to give up their rooms.

this week I shall step up my efforts to find a larger house for me and the youngsters. I would ideally like to rent a bungalow, but anywhere that has a garden and is nearer the school. as a single man it isn’t easy finding somewhere, especially due to me being out of work. I tell the estate agents that I am a single parent, but even this doesn’t help sometimes. I don’t see the problem. I wonder if I would have this problem if I was female? I do like the flat where I live at the moment, but the rent goes up in may and I am only paid up to feb 1st.

last week I brought a games console for me and me kids to use. trouble is the telly doesn’t have an av channel!

i now only have 4 orks left to paint from the 40k box set. recently i brought some more dark angel vets, and i also brought a set of different heads for them. there was four in the pack, and i think that they will look great as they are really aged. they look like a old vet should. me and my son love playing 40k together, although some of the rules are a bit complex for him to master. i have limited it to basic move- shoot- assault rules. as he gets older, and when we played at lot more games, i shall introduce the more complex rules.

there is one drawback to using the library- there isn’t access to a scanner. i have lots of new photos i would love to add to my posts, but until i get my own machine i will have to make do.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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