my life……the games people play!

i never seem to have enough time to do a proper post! i shall have to allow a full hour and do a summary of what’s happened in my life since my last “full” post.

me kids where with me as usual on the weekend. it seems as the 9th feb gets nearer, the more outragous “the wicked liars” behaviour becomes. this sunday was a good example. all week she has been texting me about how “ill” my children are. when they where with me they seemed fine. we had a great time. but it now has become a sort of ritual.”the wicked liar” sends me allegations by text of what i have said to or my care of the children. none of which are true. sunday night was a sleepless one for me as she texted that she had took my little daughter amy to the local big hospital. no info why. in fact i had to get my mom and dad to call the hospital to find out what was wrong. it turns out not a lot. “the wicked liar” took my daughter to the hospital at around 8:30pm. they waited around till about 9:45pm, when they must have spoken to a doctor, who discharged my daughter!  hospitals don’t discharge a 3year old if theres nothing wrong! not in Great Britian anyway! she was born in that hospital. “the wicked liar” hasn’t even contacted me to let me know that my little girl is ok. i worry what her next moves will be as the court date gets nearer.

i am thinking of starting a support group for single dads.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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  1. i think a support group is a good idea

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