my life…what next!

I had a great time with me kids the weekend. “the wicked liar” had sent me texts all week about how ill they both were. there was nowt wrong with them. I don’t understand this compulsion to keep texting me. I wish that the court date would arrive, so I can take my rightful place as the father I and me kids want me to be. I want to move on with my life. I want to do an open uni course, but I just can’t afford it at the moment with all my legal fees. she doesn’t seem to grasp that I ain’t sitting missing being her butler.

I returned me kids as normal on sunday. then at about 7pm, i started getting texts from “the wicked liar” about “did ‘daughter’ hurt herself at ‘mine'” and she going to see a doctor because daughter not well. know how extra my ex is, i texted the info she wanted, but was not overly concerned. i also asked ex to let me know how daughter was. i never got that reply. in fact i had to call hospital in the end. they told me that my daughter had been seen and they had left. this was at approx 10pm. no time for a 3yr old to be out and about, but there you go.

i decided to go to see my doctor, as my children and i have the same gp. he told me he knew nothing about my daughter going to the hospital and we both looked at here computer records. shockingly there was an entry from the A&E dept. “suspected fracture to left wrist” and “suspect injury inform social services”.

i have been to see the police, who told me that they would get in touch with the child protection team. considering what my ex originally alleged about myself, i know there are no limits to what she’s capable of. i am very worried.

recently, WordPress was mentioned on the bbc. the announcer said that it wasnt advisable to write personal things in your blog. i feel that this is wrong. if your blog is a personal diary of your life, it must by definition contain your personal thoughts and experiences.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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