my life….4 days to go

anoither weekend comes round and i prepare for my kids to come over. my mom is also visiting this weekend and my dad arrives on monday. they are all coming to the court hearing.

i have joined flickr as i have a lot of photo’s i have taken recently, but not scaned in. i am hoping flickr will make this easier.

my daughter has broken me landlords dvd player and jammed a library dvd in there. i will have to unscrew the player and hope i can fix it. for now i just want the dvd back to return it to the library.

i have got to tidy me flat and get some shopping in. i have done me laundry. as i was going to the bakers to get three slices of choc cake for me an me kids, a lady i know approached me and said that i looked really “well”. when i told her i was now divorced, she said i looked “really, really well!”  i dont know if she was just saying i’m fat! haha

i have started construction of a fort as a scenery piece for warhammer 40k. it’s not as easy as it sounds. there are so many built in defensive features to forts and castles. i did make a research booklet for the task, whilst i was living in birmingham. i think that you could easily spend as much time making scenery as painting figures. i am trying to make it so i could use the piece with romans/ normans/ 40k etc. i will take photo’s.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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