the big day arrived at last….

since my last post the days have dragged. my mother arrived on saturday and my father arrived last night at about 11:30 pm. my mother helped take my kids back to my old home, where their ‘mother’, “the wicked liar”, and her assorted hangers- on live. as usual, me kids were in no rush to get back.

all the worry and hopelessness that I have had since I was removed from my home has left me getting no sleep, and when I do sleep I have the most odd nightmares. you don’t think that something like this could have such a profound effect on your life, till it happens to you.

I woke up today,and the knowledge of what I was about to face made me feel sick. even though I have done nothing wrong, just having to re- live and re- tell everything all over again to a hostile solicitor, in front of a judge, with all the theatrics from “the wicked liar”, it was almost too much to face.but I had no choice. if I truly wanted the chance to be the father I know I can be, I had to go through with it. this morning I felt I only had a 10% chance of getting any extra time at all. but anything is better than nothing and I had nothing to lose.

 “the wicked liar” had sacked her solicitor and employed a new one. I thought that this might have been a stalling tactic, and the judge had booked two days for the hearing last november. i must admit i was not looking forward to it. the stats are well and truly in the mothers favour.

I was presented with “the wicked liars” statement and true to form it was a mish mash of half-truths and blatant fiction. i was so sick and tired of having to explain myself and justify myself, when i had not done anything to this person. all i ever wanted when we were together was for us to raise the kids and have a great time living by the sea.

then her solicitor knocked the door. she asked to speak to my barrister and solicitor. they were gone for about 15- 20 minutes. they both came back smiling. my barrister said that her side had come up with an offer. sunday- thursday with me. holidays 50- 50. my kids not spending more than a week at a time with “the wicked liar”, unless her mother was there also. I almost couldn’t believe it. i said that this was agreeable to me. after everything she had said about me. after the original false allegations, the  injunction, the supervised 2 hour visits with my daughter, she finally accepted the truth of it all. i understand why. my nerves where shot, and i was full of righteous feelings. i knew her of old and would not feel secure until the judge had seen and allowed the agreement. my barrister drew up the agreement and it went up before the judge, who signed it.

i pick up my kids from school and playground tomorrow…..

but that is not the end of it, although the main bout is over. i still have to persue social services for their absolutely disgraceful judgement.  it turns out that the social worker assigned to my kids (at my initial request) was only a student! i have an appointment with my MP on the 20th Febuary.

there’s my belongings and my new standing with the government as a single parent. i also have to find a bigger place, nearer the school.

I thank god for this chance to be a real father, and for making “the wicked liar” see sense. I also have a suggestion for anybody facing divorce, or that has limited contact with their kids- read my story, it’s all here and take inspiration from everything I have gone through. I don’t have any answers but i can say that on the 13th june 2009 i was told that i couldn’t enter Devon and Cornwall, if i did i would be arrested. i now live in newquay, Cornwall. i was told that i may get 2 hours a fortnight supervised visitation with my daughter and that i might never see my son again- due to the lies my ex had told social services. also i could not go within 500 meters of my son’s school or my daughters playgroup –  because of the injunction my ex had put in place. now i have BOTH my kids sunday till thursday, and the injunction was overturned by a judge after a very upsetting ‘finding of fact’ hearing.  as far as the police are concerned, they were only doing their job, but i do feel that certain aspects of my case would have been less upsetting and dealt with quicker if the officers concerned with the original false allegations had not washed their hands of the case when they realised they had been lied to by my ex.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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