my life….a good week ahead.

dear ether,

what a struggle it has been these last months, since 12th june 2009. i look out from my flat every morning now and the world seems less hostile. i am not the one who has to justify myself walking down the road, speaking to friends or breathing for that matter. that is how it felt. like i had to prove my innocence to everybody, just in case. that burden has lifted. now i look forward to the happy times my kids and i shall spend together, just living the humdrum, no drama life. such a mundane existance was a million miles away from me last month and it wasn’t getting any easier. now everyday seems sunny. everybody smiles at me and i smile back……apart from one person that is!

i recieved my second death threat last week and the more i think about it, the more i realise that it might have been my ex- father in law. i havent spoken to the old codger over the phone since 12 june 2009. the things that were said to me were so ‘him’. “i havent got long left to live…”.  typical P.T. banter. his daughter, “the wicked liar”, was always banging on about how ill she was, the whole ten years i was married to her. my barrister said that she was “the most prolific user of the NHS she had ever seen”. there seems to be a little family competition – i’m iller than you!

at the moment my kids are spending half their ‘half term’ hols with her family, then they spend the rest with me. it’s going to be a great week. i have got money saved ready and every day is our own. nothing to worry about and no- one to interfere. game point to me, i think….

there is one last issue that needs sorting- the house. ten years ago, i visited my fathers friend “one-eyed” kenny in St. Mirren, cornwall. i noticed that his kids where running about, playing in fields and generally doing all the things a kid should be doing. enjoying living by the seaside. i thought that my step son, max, deserved a bit of that too. at the age of 4, he hadn’t played outside once. the kids local to where we lived in birmingham, DID NOT go out to play outside, it was just too rough. i talked to “the wicked liar” about this, and considering all the trouble her mean ex had given her, it seemed a natural evolution of our life together. luckily for us, a small landlord had a place available and we jumped at the chance. i only ever missed a couple of things about the city, and my mukkas could visit me whenever they wanted. now that we are divorced, she currently lives at the house we rented, but my name is still on the lease. i want to move back. it is my kids natural home, and they live with me now. it would cement our new life together, and show them that daddy didn’t do anything wrong, no matter what “the wicked liar” says. i have two options – get the court to chuck her out or approach the landlord and tell them about the illegal lodgers etc.

watch this space….


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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