my life….is this polski?

I am absolutely astounded by how many polish people have come to Newquay. they must outnumber us 3 to 1 at the moment. what is the attraction? could it be the benefit system that my grandfather paid into to set up? or the NHS ? or the terrible pay on offer from disgraceful farmers? I just don’t get it. surely a happy life is a happy life where ever you are. it’s not that they are polish, it’s the intimidating feeling of having 15 polish chaps look you up and down and think to themselves “look at us- mob handed- don’t mess!” I probably wouldn’t have even noticed if they didn’t stroll around day and night in such large groups.

to be honest, it makes no difference to my life at all- so just forget I said anything!

I have recently started painting my 28mm Ancient Britons. i have also constructed a “Stonehenge” diorama to go with them. the stone locally is ideal. and i aint buying stone from no shop- no matter how much i like the owner- when it’s readily available at my feet. i am going to get the imperial romans next. i occurred to me that the different ‘barbarians’ on sale at warlord games may actually be the same plastic sprue throughout  the range- with just the addition of metal parts to change the set from “Ancient Britain’s” to “Germanic”. i am limited to what i purchase due to not being able to buy on- line (no plastic) and the stock my local shop has. the chap there said that they only stocked them in the first place as a “wall filler”! 

my son started  painting his first miniature(!) last week. when me mom was visiting last weekend, me and my lad went into the figure shop and he said that he wanted to buy a set of stormboyz to add to his/ our Ork horde. I said ono way and offered to get him a box set of grots plus herder. he agreed- I had said no to the stormboys as I already have a set of 40k dark angel vets that I havent even started, and when you are as skint as I am, you can’t just buy figures willy- nilly. the grots cost £7. i bought my ancient brits at this time. his enthusiasm was touching. he has under coated his first grot and the runt herds arm black. he then mixed up his dark green and applied it to the grot. then the dark red for the squig on the herders arm. when this had dried he set about dry brushing his squig. i was impressed- he is only 6. aahhh. i am going to take a few photo’s this week when i get paid and upload them here and to Flickr.

is it true that the warhammer ancient battles rule book is out of print?

I am now looking for somewhere else to live. i need to get somewhere nearer to Samuel’s school asap. my place at the moment is only available to rent throughout the winter and i have to move out by 1st May. i have filled in the paperwork to get on the housing list, and as a single parent i stand a good chance. i have also filed my claim as a single parent with the benefits agency. i am a single parent- officially. me kids come home on thursday and i am hoping to take us out for a slap up meal to celebrate.

i had a fantastic meal at pizza express, newquay last week. in my opinion it is the nicest place to eat in newquay at the moment – and in my years of living here, i have been to most. then on saturday my dad took me, and a family friend to pizza express in Truro. it was not of the same calibre as the newquay pizza express. the portions were short and the food took AGES.

i have to sign off now, as my time has run out at the library- c u l8r.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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