my life……first day back (since 11/06/09)

it was my sons first day back at school today after the half term holidays. we all caught the bus, and got there dead on time. my daughter then went to nursery. it felt absolutly fantastic to walk them up to their buildings after all this time. what would i have done if i’d have known what was about to happen to me on the 12th June 2009. at the time i was well set in my routine of me and my kids getting ready for and returning from school and nursery.  we all had a great time during the holiday, and the future looks better every passing day. i have an optimism i havn’t felt for years. i am my own man. i can make my own decisions for me and me kids and it feels great.

i did have a couple of little worries – issues to do with my legal fees and council tax issues, but nothing i cant sort out. i have told the kids that we should maybe go ski-ing at Tamworth dry ski center. i have skied before and i think that my kids would love it. i must admit that i went a bit mad with me money. i brought my daughter a ‘my first tooth’ doll, a pink box of Lego, and a Disney princess cycle helmet and pads. i got my son a new skooter and a ben 10 helmet and pads. i got myself some 28mm romans and celts. i also got a good deal on some xbox games- 3 for 20 quid- afro samuria, lego star wars and halo 3.

the roman and celt figures were my first ever internet purchase. i can see how people with credit cards get in so much debt now. no hunting around for what you want, just search the net and away you go! there seems something somehow too easy about it. i cant say i wasnt tempted to get a whole host of punic wars figures in one foul swoop.

i visited a friend today who is going through what i have had to deal with, with his son. his ex handed care of his son over to her parents, without his knowledge and they left that same day to Scotland! now he only gets 1 phone call a week, and the ex’s parents put pressure on his 5yr old son to make the calls really difficult. this has been going on now for 2yrs. i told that i think that it’s obduction, but he’s scared that if he does anything, he’ll lose the call. i had to say that i didn’t think that would happen, but one thing i have learned is that people are crafty and vindictive. my friend is absolutly heart broken and at the end of his teather- i felt a little guilty to be honest.


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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