my life…sunday dinner at a friends.

what a quiet weekend. me kids went to their ‘mothers’ for the weekend. they arrived back home at the alloted time, and on exiting their momz car they came running over “daddy, daddy”! we went into the flat and settled down. their mother, “the wicked liar”, was her usual polite and pleasant self. this is all i need to keep me on my guard. after all the truely wicked things she said about me, to have her smiling and trying to make conversation proves her totally manipulative and cunning personality. if you read the rest of my earlier posts, you’ll know what i mean. she never mentioned the big issue of the moment…..

i have heard on good authority that our landlord, (from the house we used to share), has given her two months notice to quit. i can’t say i ain’t happy about this development. we sort of had a silent agreement that whoever had the kids if we ever split would have the house. needless to say, she aint offered to let us move back in!


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update: i got me kids back.... so there!
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